CLS is committed to developing better therapies for use in cancer care and neurosurgery. In this edition of our newsletter, you can read more about CLS’s commercial and medical milestone that was achieved at AVANT Concierge Urology in the US, and exhibitions where our TRANBERG® system and the ClearPoint Prism™ system, powered by CLS, have been demonstrated. We are also proud to present three new members that will strengthen the CLS team.

TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System advances prostate cancer care at AVANT Concierge Urology

In mid-September, AVANT Concierge Urology successfully performed four in a day in-office focal laser prostate ablation treatments for prostate cancer using the CLS TRANBERG system.

This was possible due to the Mobile Service Provider (MSP) model, an accepted standard of care in the United States. The MSP model is built around providing a turn-key service, where CLS provides equipment, i.e. the laser unit with accessories etc., as well as clinical and technical support, for a fee per patient treatment.

The MSP model supports and accelerates CLS´s market establishment in the US as it gives urologists immediate access to the TRANBERG system and allows more patients to be treated.

Dr Sijo Parekattil, Director at AVANT comments It’s amazing to see the evolution of prostate cancer treatment from open surgery to minimally invasive surgery and now to office based targeted therapy. Our patients literally walk out after a 30-minute procedure!”

For AVANT – and for the patients – this achievement represents a significant step forward in advancing prostate cancer care.

Joel Hix and Rick Wilderotter from CLS together with, in the middle, Dr Sijo Parekattil, Director of AVANT Concierge Urology.

Exhibition at the Focal Therapy Society Meeting in Washington

In September, CLS Americas presented the TRANBERG system for image-guided focal laser ablation at Focal Therapy Society 2023 Conference in Washinton DC. This meeting brings together some of the world’s leading experts in focal therapy to share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. 

For CLS this was an excellent platform to continue to identify prospective physician leads and to discuss how our platform technology could be incorporated into their clinical practice.

Stay tuned for more news from this event!

Enrollment completion of initial phase of clinical trial in Nijmegen

We are delighted that the first 10 patients have been treated in the initial phase of the ongoing clinical trial at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Furthermore, CLS and this very prominent European center in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, have agreed to extend the investigator-initiated study.

An additional 5 patients will be treated, using an alternative access approach for the MR-guided focal laser ablation (FLA) with the TRANBERG system.

All patients in the initial phase of the study have been technically successfully treated and we now started to investigate if we can achieve the same results using a different access path to reach the target”, said Jurgen Fütterer, Professor at Radboud University Medical Center and Principal Investigator.

Read the full press release here.

ClearPoint Prism Neuro Laser Therapy System on display

It is busy times also for our global distributor within the neurosurgery area, ClearPoint Neuro. During the Congress of Neurological Surgeon (CNS) 2023 meeting in Washington, one of the greatest yearly events within neurosurgery, the ClearPoint Prism™ Neuro Laser Therapy System, powered by CLS, was exhibited.

We are also proud that the Prism system was demon-strated at the Mayo Clinic Rochester Stimulation Therapies for Epilepsy 2023 course in Minnesota, USA.

News from the CLS team

  • We are happy to welcome Rick Wilderotter to CLS Americas in the role as Director of Business Development

Rick Wilderotter has over 25 years of successful sales and sales management experience including twenty-one years of senior sales management, exceeding revenue goals, and team building with the same medical device organization through five acquisitions. Rick has extensive expertise in urological cryotherapy and has established long term relationships with KOLs, physicians, and medical professionals at leading hospitals and clinics in the US markets.

  • We congratulate Joel Hix, CLS Americas, for his promotion to Director of Clinical Operations

Joel Hix has over 15 years of senior management experience in operations, sales, marketing, and service with leading medical device manufacturers including Boston Scientific and Healthtronics. Joel holds 9 technical product certifications and has extensive hands-on clinical expertise working with physicians, clinics, and hospitals utilizing the latest tools and techniques in cryotherapy, ultrasound, and focal laser ablation.

  • We are also proud to present Jimmy Johansson, who was appointed Executive VP Operations at CLS AB

Jimmy Johansson has been a great asset to CLS since 2015 and was the project manager behind the development of Thermoguide Workstation. He holds a master’s in electrical engineering and has extensive experience from leading positions in business and product development, as well as quality assurance of medical devices, at various companies in the medical device and healthcare sectors.

Read the interview with Jimmy Johansson, where he tells about his new role and how Thermoguide Workstation is used to support neurosurgeons during minimal invasive therapy of patients suffering from various neurological conditions.

We will keep up the pace for the rest of the year as we have several exciting events and exhibitions to look forward to!

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