Who we are

CLS is a medical technology company with headquarters in Lund, Sweden. We develop and sell tools for safe and precise treatment of diseased tissue by laser ablation. Today our products are primarily used for minimally invasive treatments of low to inter-mediate prostate cancer, brain tumors and epileptic foci.

What we do

Focal therapy means removing the cancer, while leaving the rest of the organ intact. An energy source is used to locally kill diseased tissue. This way as much normal function as possible is preserved, with minimal side effects and short recovery times.

At CLS we are developing and selling focal therapy systems based on laser that destroys the target tissue in a precise and controlled way.

How it all started

Read about CLS’ exciting journey from 2006 until now, which started with Professor Karl-Göran Tranberg discovering that laser-mediated heat could both destroy cancer and activate the immune system.

Board of Directors

CLS' board has extensive experience in the medtech industry and in the commercialization of medtech products, as well as a broad knowledge of oncology, financial markets and economics.

Executive management team

CLS' management team has extensive experience in product and business development of medtech products, as well as in cancer care, regulatory work and international marketing.


Treating severe diseases as cancer in a precise and careful way is CLS’ driving force. Our exciting journey has started and we continuously add new skills and energy to our dynamic team.

News & Insights

Be a part of our exciting journey. Here you will find CLS’s newsletters, events, films, media coverage and analyzes.

How it works

Our products for laser ablation are based on two different principles, both with the intention of treating patient conditions as precisely as possible, while reducing or eliminating unpleasant side effects.


Our driving force is to design and develop tools for treatment of severe diseases, such as cancer, in a precise and careful way. We have developed the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems – seamlessly integrated systems for laser ablation, with several options for real time monitoring and control of the treatment.

Welcome to Clinical Laserthermia Systems.

Please note that all our products and indications are not yet approved in all markets. Don’t hesitate to contact us for up-to-date market approvals in your area!

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