Precision in Practise

Using minimally invasive laser ablation

Aiming for the precise

The challenges in healthcare are many. At CLS we are committed to developing better therapies for use in cancer care and neurosurgery. We do this by providing tools for precise tissue ablation using heat generated by laser light. Our close collaboration with healthcare professionals ensures our products meet their requirements and seamlessly fits into hospital workflows. This enables more patients to be treated based on their specific diagnosis and needs. Carefully precise.

Focal therapy in localized prostate cancer

Focal therapy using laser ablation is a growing treatment option for patients with prostate cancer. It is an effective method that treats the tumor locally without damaging healthy tissue. The procedure is minimally invasive and thus gentle on the patient, who typically can return quickly to normal life. 


Careful therapy of brain lesions

A tumor or epileptogenic foci in the brain means major challenges – for the patient and for healthcare. When using laser ablation in neurosurgery the lession is directly targeted and treated with high precision. The treatment spares healthy tissue and causes less side effects than surgery and chemotherapy.

Immune stimulating laser ablation – using new hot technology

The thermal effects on cells depend mainly on two factors – temperature and time. Research has shown that moderate heating of cancerous tumor cells during a long time will not only kill the targeted tumor itself, but also activate the immune system to attack cancer cells throughout the body.

Integrated therapy systems for high precision laser ablation

Our driving force is to design and develop tools for treatment of severe diseases, such as cancer, in a precise and careful way. It is from this perspective we have developed CLS TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems – seamlessly integrated systems for laser ablation, with several options for real time monitoring and control of the treatment.

Strategy Update
March 24, 2022


Research is just the beginning - and that is where it all began for CLS. We are now running various clinical studies to develop new therapies in the fight against serious diseases such as cancer.

Investor relations

CLS is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Our aim is to provide relevant and transparent information for analysts, investors and media with the latest financial reports, events, news and the development of CLS’s share.

News and insights

6 July, 2022

Newsletter, July 2022

There is a lot going on at CLS and the future looks very exciting to us! In this newsletter, we are happy to share some company updates. Read more and subscribe for future updates!

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9 June, 2022

CLS at Biostock Life Science Spring Summit

CEO Dan J. Mogren is presenting CLS at Biostock Life Science spring summit 2022. Watch the full presentation here.

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19 May, 2022

SVT rapporterar om operationer i magnetkamera på Skånes universitetssjukhus

SVTs lokalnyheter sände i tisdags ett reportage från Skånes universitetssjukhus där patienter opereras inne i en magnetkamera. Så kommer det också gå till när Skånes universitetssjukhus inleder laserablationsbehandlingar av hjärntumörer - med CLS system.

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