Executive Management Team

CLS’ management team has extensive experience in product and business development of medtech products, as well as in cancer care, regulatory work and international marketing.​

Dan J. Mogren

CEO since 2022
CLS employee since 2014, acting CEO 2020-2022

Dan Mogren has 20 years of experience from leading positions in business and product development, marketing and sales, as well as 15 years of experience in international marketing of medical devices. Dan Mogren has founded and developed several companies in the medical device field.

Holdings in CLS: 10,427 class B shares plus 632 class B shares via Medinovus AB.

Jimmy Johansson

EVP Operations since 2023

Jimmy Johansson, MSc Electrical Engineering, has extensive experience from medical device and healthcare sector. Jimmy Johansson has previously held several leading positions in business and product development, as well as quality assurance of medical devices, at various companies.

Holdings in CLS: 195 class B shares plus 9,822 class B shares via Medtech Öresund AB.

Håkan Rosqvist

Interim CFO

Håkan Rosqvist has 15 years of experience from leading positions at Sony Mobile Communications. Since 2016, Håkan has also held several executive roles within finance, financial controlling, and business development, and which also included capital raising, at various growth companies, including Tretton37, Spiideo and Evidensia.

Liselotte Nilsson

VP Marketing since 2021

Liselotte Nilsson, MSc Molecular Biology, has many years of experience in international marketing from the medical device industry, including commercial and scientific marketing communication and product management from, among others, ProstaLund, Phase Holographic Imaging and Svar Life Science.

Holdings in CLS: 650 class B shares.

Cristina Pantaleone

VP Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance since 2021

Cristina Pantaleone, MSc Physics Engineering, has experience in the development of medical devices, expertise in light-tissue interaction and a deep understanding of CLS’s technology and product range.

Holdings in CLS: 704 class B shares.

Anders Qvarlander

VP Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance since 2021

Anders Qvarlander has extensive experience from leading positions within market expansion, regulatory product approvals and quality assurance of medical devices from previous employments at Baxter, Arjo and Mediplast, among others.

Holdings in CLS: 700 class B shares.

Kristian Waldeck

VP Medical Affairs since 2023

Kristian Waldeck, PhD in Experimental Clinical Pharmacology and MSc in Electrical Engineering. Kristian has worked for over 25 years in senior positions in life science and medical devices within marketing and medical affairs. Kristian’s previous work experience includes Arjo, Hemocue, Mitra Medical, ProstaLund, Siemens and his own consulting company.        

Last updated on 2024-06-12

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