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About Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB and this privacy policy

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB, corporate identity number 556705-8903, 223 81 Lund (“the Company” or “we”) has a policy of taking all necessary measures to ensure that personal data concerning visitors to our website and our customers, suppliers and/or their contact persons are processed by us in a lawful, correct and transparent manner.

When you use our various services, we collect your personal data. The company is consequently a data controller for your personal data and processes it in accordance with this privacy policy. The privacy policy explains and clarifies your rights in relation to the Company with regard to the processing of your personal data and how you can exercise your rights.

We are eager to protect your personal data and anxious to ensure that your personal data are always processed securely. We comply with all applicable laws and rules that exist to protect the privacy of private individuals, which among other things means legislation and regulation implementing or supplementing the EU’s Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communication Directive 2002/58/EC and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/670 (GDPR), as well as any amendments and additions to, or regulations replacing, such laws, ordinances, regulations and rules.

It is important that you read and understand this privacy policy before using the Company’s services. If you do not approve the privacy policy, you should not use our services.

Certain pages on our website contain links to the websites of third parties. These websites have their own privacy policies, and the Company is not responsible for their activities or their information procedures. Users who send information to or through these third-party websites should therefore review the privacy policies for the websites before any personal data are sent to them.

What personal data do we collect and where from?

The types of personal data we collect, depending on context, may comprise:

  • name and contact information, including address, mobile number and e-mail address;

  • application documents such as CV and personal letter;

  • purchasing history;

  • delivery and invoicing information, as well as payment information, and

  • user name and password for our website.

Your personal data may be collected from the following sources:

  • the Company’s website(s), for example when you order our newsletter/submit a job application or ask a question via Contact;

  • when you contact us by e-mail or phone;

  • through a contract, invoice or other business contact, if you are a contact person for any of our contractual partners; and/or

  • from third parties in the form of our Group companies.

Why do we process your personal data?

The Company may use your personal data for the following purposes and on the following legal basis:

  • Fulfilling contracts: FTo handle purchases, complaints and payments, to be able to offer order history within the customer portal and to implement recruit procedures.

  • Fulfilling legal obligations: We retain invoice documentation and recruitment documents in accordance with applicable legislation.

  • Legitimate interest: In order to be able to communicate with you by e-mail.

  • Consent: In order to be able to send out marketing and newsletters.

Storing of personal data

The Company takes all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal data are processed and stored securely. Your personal data are never retained longer than is permitted under applicable laws and to attain the purposes stated above. Your personal data are processed by us during the periods of time stated below. We then erase your personal data.

  • Contact person for businesses: Your data are retained for as long as you are stated as the contact person for a business which has a business relationship with the Company.

  • Communication: If you have contact with the Company, for example by e-mail, our personal data are stored for as long as is necessary to fulfil the contact.

  • Job applicants: The Company retains your application documents, including your CV and personal letter, during the recruitment process and for a period of two years thereafter in order to be able to defend ourselves against potential legal claims.

  • Legal obligation: The Company retains such documentation as constitutes accounting documentation under applicable rules on book-keeping.

  • Consent: In cases where we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, we retain your personal data only for as long as we have your consent for this.

  • Direct marketing: We may process your personal data for direct marketing during a period of 6 months.

Transfer of personal data

The Company always exercises the greatest caution in transferring your personal data, and your personal data are never forwarded unless we have support for doing so in this privacy policy and suitable precautions are taken.

  • Group companies: The Company may transfer your personal data to Group companies to deal with product enquiries, CVs, application documents or e-mail communication.

  • Commercial transactions: If the whole or parts of the Company’s business are sold or integrated with another business, your personal data may be released to our advisers, any buyer and the latter’s advisers and passed on to the new owners of the business.

  • Legal obligations: Your personal data may be released to enable the Company to fulfil certain legal obligations and may be submitted to relevant authorities if permitted and required by law.

The transfers described above may be made to recipients in member states of the EU/EEA, as well as third countries whose legislation may differ from the rules on data protection within the EU and EEA. In transfers to such third countries, the Company may take all suitable measures to ensure that all personal data are properly protected and that they are processed only in accordance with this privacy policy. The Company does not sell any personal data.

The Company will ensure that precautions are taken by ensuring that at least one of the following conditions are met in each such transfer:

  • there is an adequate level of protection in the recipient country;

  • the Company has obtained your consent for the transfer.

Revocation of consent

In cases in which we process your personal data because you have given your consent for us to do so, for example with regard to subscribing to a newsletter, you may revoke consent given by contacting the Company by e-mail: or by phone on +46 (0)46-15 21 00 or by e-mail to CLS, Scheelevägen 2, 223 81 Lund. Consent may be revoked wholly or partially. If you do not wish to receive marketing and advertising offers from us, you may revoke your consent by contacting customer service or, in the case of direct marketing, by e-mail, through a link in the mailing concerned.

Your rights

You have the right to request information about what personal data we have registered concerning you and how these personal data are used, following written application submitted to us using the contact details below. You are also have the right to request that personal data about you be corrected if they are incorrect, incomplete or misleading, by contacting us using the contact details below. To protect your privacy and personal data, we may require you to identify yourself in connection with our assistance.

Under applicable personal data legislation, you also have the right to request that your personal data be erased or that processing of your personal data be restricted. You also have the right in certain cases to object to processing of your personal data and request that your personal data be transferred in electronic form.

You can submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority if you consider the Company’s processing of your personal data not to take place in accordance with applicable law.

Amendments to the privacy policy

Note that the terms of the privacy policy may be amended. In such cases the new version will be published on the Company’s website. You should therefore read through these terms at regular intervals to make sure that you are satisfied with the amendments. In the event of amendments of material significance we will, however, alert you by e-mail, if you have notified us of your e-mail address, that amendments have been made.

If the changes concern personal data processing that we carry out based on your consent, we will give you an opportunity to give your consent again. 


If you have any questions linked to this privacy policy, or you suspect that it may have been breached or if you wish to contact us for any reason stated in this privacy policy, please contact us. You can find our contact details below.

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB
223 81 Lund
+46 (0)46-15 21 00

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