One technology, several therapy areas

At CLS we are committed to develop safe and effective minimally invasive therapies by providing tools for tissue ablation using heat mediated by laser light. We do this in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to ensure our tools meet their requirements and are seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. This enables more patients to be treated based on their specific diagnosis and needs.


Prostate cancer treatment - just the beginning

Today, our products are used in minimally invasive focal therapy of patients with localized prostate cancer. As our TRANBERG | Thermal Therapy Systems works with existing imaging, instrument navigation and positioning systems, we allow for a broader use by physicians and more patient treatments. Next, we are expanding into therapy of patients with brain tumors and other lesions through our partnerships.

CLS is also doing research in the field of immune stimulating therapy aiming to trigger the immune response to attack and kill cancer cells throughout the body, the so called abscopal effect. We are convinced that our research in this area will play an important role in the fight against cancer in general.


Focal Therapy in Localized Prostate Cancer

Focal therapy is a growing minimally invasive treatment option for patients with low to intermediate risk prostate cancer that is completely contained (localized) within the prostate.

Careful therapy of brain lesions

A tumor or epileptogenic foci in the brain means major challenges - for the patient and for healthcare. When using laser ablation in neurosurgery the lesion is directly targeted and treated with high precision.

Immune stimulating laser ablation – using new hot technology

The thermal effects on cells depend mainly on two factors – temperature and time. Research has shown that moderate heating of cancerous tumor cells during a long time will not only kill the targeted tumor itself, but it also activates the immune system to attack cancer cells throughout the body.

How it works

Our products for laser ablation are based on two different principles, both with the intention of treating patient conditions as precisely as possible, while reducing or eliminating unpleasant side effects.

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Please note that all our products and indications are not yet approved in all markets. Don’t hesitate to contact us for up-to-date market approvals in your area!

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