How it Works

One technology – two principles

CLS develops tools for use in cancer care and neurosurgery based on two different principles, both with the intention of treating patient conditions as precisely as possible, while reducing or eliminating unpleasant side effects. 

Focal therapy is used in local treatment of a tumor anywhere in the body or an epileptogenic foci in the brain. The aim of Immune stimulation is to achieve an immune reaction killing also distant cancer cells, the so called abscopal effect.

By precise and controlled heating of cells using the energy of a laser, both principles can be applied .

Focal Therapy

The principle of focal therapy is to ablate tissue, such as tumors, with high precision and accuracy. When using CLS products, a laser applicator is carefully positioned into the target tissue or tumor using image guidance. This target tumor or tissue is then heated to a high temperature that instantly necrotizes the cells. This method is called Focal Laser Ablation (FLA) when used for the treatment of localized prostate cancer, performed by a urologist or interventional radiologist. NeuroLITT (Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy) is the corresponding name used by a neurosurgeon or interventional radiologist when used for treatment of brain lesions.

In neurosurgery MRI-guidance is used to monitor the thermal distribution in the target tissue in near real-time to optimize the treatment with minimum damage to healthy adjacent structures. Once the targeted tissue is fully necrotized the treatment is completed.

Immune Stimulation

When cancerous tumor cells are moderately heated over time, their membranes become cracked. The heated cell then opens and exposes the tumor-specific antigens that are contained within. The body’s immune system reacts to the exposed antigens by producing antibodies that can recognize and “flag” these specific tumor antigens anywhere in the body. Thereby, the immune system can recognize and attack the remaining tumor cells, even those that are outside the tumor or distant from the treated area. This resulting phenomenon of immune stimulation is called the abscopal effect.

CLS has developed its own specific immune stimulating ablation protocol named imILT®. Its purpose is to provide a treatment modality that can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with other cancer immuno-therapies or chemotherapies in curative treatment of metastasized (spread) cancer.

How a Procedure Works

Animation illustrating how prostate cancer can be treated with our TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System

Designed for precise and accurate treatment with minimal side effects

Tissue ablation using laser and image-guidance is a minimally invasive procedure, that allows the patient to recover and return to normal life quickly. The treatments are performed with our TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems seamlessly integrated with the hospital´s workflows and imaging equipment, i.e. MRI or US-fusion. In addition to a mobile laser unit and single-use products such as laser applicators, the system comprises products for temperature monitoring and control.

The Thermoguide Workstation is approved for ablation of soft tissue,  such as the prostate gland, in the EU.

Image guidance enables the physician to navigate and direct the laser applicator to the right place and position it correctly into the target. Our patented laser applicators are made of glass and do not require any external cooling equipment. During an MRI-guided in-bore procedure, a longer laser applicator is used as the patient is placed in the MRI scanner while the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System with Thermoguide Workstation is located outside in the control room.

Thermoguide Workstation is used for treatment monitoring and control. Its thermometry software continuously provides near real-time temperature maps and tissue damage estimates. The procedure is initiated by pre-setting planned treatment parameters on the TRANBERG® Mobile Laser Unit with touch controls on two screens. When US-fusion imaging is used to guide the procedure, TRANBERG® Tissue Temperature Probes are used to monitor and control the ablation as an alternative to the Thermoguide Workstation.

When using TRANBERG®  Thermal Therapy System with Thermoguide Workstation, the treatment can be performed with a good overview and visualization in near real-time of the tumor necrosis. 

The information provides a rationale to terminate the treatment once pre-set goals are reached, with minimum damage to healthy adjacent structures. The patient can often leave the hospital the next day.

About CLS

CLS is a medical technology company based in Lund, Sweden. We are committed to continuously develop more precise treatment tools for laser ablation of diseased tissue, such as tumors. Through our platform, more patients can be accurately treated based on their specific diagnosis and needs.


Research is just the beginning – and that is where it all began for CLS. We are now running various clinical studies to develop new therapies in the fight against serious diseases such as cancer.


Our driving force is to design and develop tools for treatment of severe diseases, such as cancer, in a precise and careful way. We have developed the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System – a seamlessly integrated system for focal laser ablation, with several options for real time monitoring and control of the treatment.

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