CLS Americas and Unio Health Partners Announce Clinical Study

We are happy to share that CLS Americas has entered into an agreement with Genesis Research, LLC, an affiliate of Unio Health Partners, to conduct a Phase I clinical study titled, “Micro Ultra-Sound Guided, Transperineal Focal Laser Ablation of Low-to-Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer.” 

The study recently received IRB approval and will utilize CLS’s TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System for image-guided focal laser ablation in conjunction with Exact Imaging’s ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound platform to visualize and target areas of interest in the prostate. The TRANBERG system will deliver targeted, precisely controlled focal laser ablation treatment to those areas while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. The principal investigator for the study will be Paul E. Dato, MD, Director of Clinical Trials at Unio Health Partners (formerly Genesis Healthcare Partners).

Unio is excited to begin this feasibility study with CLS Americas for a new, minimally invasive, office-based treatment for low-to-intermediate risk prostate cancer,” stated Franklin Gaylis, MD, FACS Executive Medical Director for Unio Health Partners. ”Our goal is to develop and refine new treatments we can later expand to our clinics and physicians that are not only effective in treating prostate cancer, but do so with low risk of infection and minimal side effects such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence”.

Read the full press release here.

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