A Customer experience of the CLS Mobile Service Provider (MSP) Model

– AVANT Concierge Urology

Earlier this year CLS launched the MSP model in the US and since then things have progressed rapidly. The MSP model is well established and common in the US, and for CLS it means our customers get an opportunity to test and evaluate our FDA 510(k) cleared TRANBERG™ Thermal Therapy System for focal laser ablation (FLA) before investing in capital equipment.

For a fixed fee per patient CLS brings the laser system, along with accessories and disposables, to the clinic and provides on-site technical and clinical support by our Clinical Applications Specialists during the procedures.

AVANT Concierge Urology Clinic

An agreement was signed with our first MSP customer, AVANT Concierge Urology, in April this year. The clinic is located in Winter Garden, Florida, and specializes in general urology with focus on minimally invasive prostate cancer treatments such as office based Focal Laser Ablation (FLA) etc.

In May the first prostate cancer patient was treated under the CLS MSP program using the CLS TRANBERG system, and in September four patients were treated in one day at the clinic. Until today around 20 patients have been treated. All patients tolerated the treatment well and showed decreased PSA levels (more data to come).  

On the AVANT website you can listen to Dr Parekattil, Founder and Director of AVANT, talking about the benefits for the clinic and for its patients after implementing FLA using the TRANBERG system. You can also listen to a patient sharing his experience from getting this treatment.  

Link to AVANT Concierge Urology website:

Focal Prostate Cancer Treatment | Avant Concierge Urology: Sijo J. Parekattil, MD (avanturol.com)

Other Clinics in Pipeline

There is more to come! Recently, our subsidiary in the US, CLS Americas Inc., signed two additional MSP agreements. Firstly, with Kearney Urology Center in Nebraska in late October, and shortly thereafter with KASRAEIAN Urology in Jacksonville in Florida.

With the increased interest among urology practices in our service offering, more and more prostate cancer patients can be treated with targeted minimally invasive prostate tumor ablation, performed using our TRANBERG system, at a faster pace“, says Dan J Mogren, CEO of CLS AB.

Read more here:

Press release about the agreement with Kearney Urology Center

Press release about the agreement with KASRAEIAN Urology

*The TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System is FDA 510(k) cleared for soft tissue ablation, such as prostate and CE-marked for  the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

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