Integrated therapy systems for high precision laser ablation

Our driving force is to design and develop tools for treatment of severe diseases, such as cancer, in a precise and careful way. It is from this perspective we have developed our TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems – seamlessly integrated systems for laser ablation with several options for real time monitoring and control of the treatment.

TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems

Laser ablation is an effective way to destruct benign and malignant tumors and other diseased tissue in a minimally invasive setting. The TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems are based on patented technology and designed to deliver laser energy to heat the target tissue. During a treatment session, tissue temperature and necrosis of the target tumor, or other tissue, can be controlled with high accuracy, while saving surrounding untargeted tissue.

TRANBERG® Mobile Laser Unit

The TRANBERG® Mobile Laser Unit is the laser source and controlling component of the system. It is a medical laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm equipped with multiple options to control ablation by treatment power and time.

TRANBERG® Laser Applicators and Introducers

The TRANBERG® portfolio includes non-cooled 15 Gauge laser applicators for various ablation sizes and shapes. CLS unique fiber technology optimizes the heat distribution in the tissue and thus there is no need for external cooling.

TRANBERG® Temperature and Treatment Monitoring devices

Accurate monitoring of the target tissue temperate during treatment is essential to estimate the progression of the procedure. We offer different solutions for temperature measurements during MR-guidance and US-fusion guidance, respectively.

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