TRANBERG - Founder History

Our co-founder, professor Karl-Göran Tranberg, began innovative scientific research into how precise laser-generated “low temperature-long time” thermal ablation (imILT), of cancer tumors triggered the immune system to track and kill cancer cells throughout the body, the so called abscopal effect.

Through this research, CLS gained significant knowledge and experience with treating/killing prostate cancer tumors under MRI-guidance using focal laser ablation.  Clinical trials have been conducted and published, some are ongoing, and several new studies are planned for the near future.

CLS is currently conducting clinical studies for MR-US fusion-guided focal laser ablation for the treatment of low-to-medium risk prostate cancer. This new image-guidance is designed to enable urologist physicians to treat patients in a urology clinic or office, and not require a hospital visit or stay. Fusion guidance is already successfully being used for targeted prostate biopsies and focal therapies.

News and insights

21 December, 2022

Christmas greeting from CLS - We wish you all a very Happy Holiday season and look forward to a tremendous 2023!

At CLS we can look back on an exciting year where we have made significant progress towards our vision that laser ablation will be introduced as standard treatment in focal therapy and as an alternative to traditional surgery and, in the longer term, as a complementary systemic treatment of metastasized cancer.

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28 November, 2022

Clinical data from a Phase II trial using CLS TRANBERG products presented during RSNA 2022 Annual Meeting

The RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) annual meeting is ongoing in Chicago, the US. Yesterday, interim data from the ongoing study in Toronto using CLS´s TRANBERG products, was presented by the principal investigator MD Sangeet Ghai.   

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2 November, 2022

Interview with our CTO and VP Clinical Affairs – How CLS contributes to better treatment of Prostate Cancer

Our CTO Cristina Pantaleone and VP Medical Affairs Hoda Tawfik, explain how the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems have been designed for precise and safe focal therapy of soft tissue, such as the prostate gland, and what kind of research CLS is now supporting.

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