Scientific Meetings and Exhibitions CLS participation - Autumn 2022

The CLS team is looking forward to showcasing our new product generation towards urologists and radiologists through a variety of activities during the coming autumn. We will be exhibiting the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy Systems at the following events in Europe and the US.

Imperial Prostate Masterclass meeting in London, UK, on September 9-10

First up is the Imperial Prostate Masterclass meeting in London September 9-10 where the participants will gain new knowledge in emerging screening methods, and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatments for prostate cancer and other prostate diseases.

In addition to a CLS booth, we will host a hands-on training showcasing our TRANBERG® systems and the Thermoguide™ Workstation, demonstrating how easy they are to use for laser ablation of soft tissue, such as the prostate gland.

Link to the event: Imperial Prostate Masterclass (

Focal 2022 in Los Angeles, California, US, on September 22-24

This meeting, focusing on oncologic prostate care and ablative focal therapy, offers CLS a forum to share current practice standards and to incorporate new strategies in the management of patients with prostate cancer in a rapidly evolving field.

As part of the program there will be a keynote presentation by Dr. Fernando J. Bianco, Investigator In-Chief for the Urological Research Network, highlighting the current study using MRI/US fusion image guidance during treatment with our TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System. You´ll find more information about the study here.

We are also planning on having a Skills Challenge at the company booth as well as a hands-on training session.

Link to the event: Focal 2022 (

13th Interventional MRI Symposium 2022 in Leipzig, Germany, on October 14-15

We will participate at the 13th Interventional MRI Symposium 2022 in Leipzig, October 14-15, 2022. This event provides an ideal platform for researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals alike to present their latest results within interventional MRI.

Link to the event: 13th Interventional MRI Symposium (

Specialty Networks conference in Newport Beach, US, on October 5-7

We are happy to be invited to the Specialty Networks conference by Unio Health Partners in Newport Beach on October 5-7. This event gathers some of the largest urology practices in the US. The CLS booth at this event will focus exclusively on the TRANBERG® system for MRI/US fusion-guided prostate ablation to meet the growing interest for this treatment among US urologists.

 Link to the event:

WSAUA in Kauai, Hawaii, US, on 30 October-4 November

CLS will also sponsor this year´s WSAUA meeting, where the Western Section AUA welcomes all urologists to Kauai, Hawaii, US, 30 October-4 November. We will have our TRANBERG® system for MRI/US fusion-guided system on display. With over 450 urologists and 50 allied health attendees expected, the WSAUA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of urology professionals in the Western U.S. 

Link to the event: Western Section AUA (

Stay tuned, more details to come!

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