TRANBERG® Temperature and Treatment Monitoring Devices

Accurate monitoring of the target tissue temperate during treatment is essential to estimate the progression of the procedure. We offer different solutions for temperature measurements during MR-guidance and US-fusion guidance, respectively.

In addition, our guard functionality is designed to protect surrounding tissue by switching of the laser in case safety temperature limits are reached.

Thermoguide Workstation for MR-guided treatment

Thermoguide is our thermometry software and the basis of the TRANBERG® system when performing treatments using MR guidance. MR guidance helps the physician to navigate the laser applicator to the right place and to position it correctly into the tissue. During the procedure Thermoguide provides:

  • Near real-time temperature maps
  • Measurements at up to six positions
  • Tissue damage estimates

This enables the physician to follow the progression of the ablation in near real-time and adjust treatment parameters as needed for optimal treatment outcome.

TRANBERG® Temperature Probes for MRI-US fusion guided treatment

When using US-fusion to guide the ablation therapy our temperature probes measure the tissue temperate in real-time for precise monitoring of the procedure. The temperatures probes are available with one or four sensors providing in total up to 10 measurements points during treatment.

How it works

Our products for laser ablation are based on two different principles, both with the intention of treating patient conditions as precisely as possible, while reducing or eliminating unpleasant side effects.

About CLS

CLS is a medical technology company based in Lund, Sweden. We are committed to continuously develop more precise treatment tools for laser ablation of diseased tissue, such as tumors. Through our platform, more patients can be accurately treated based on their specific diagnosis and needs.

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