Press Release from Skåne University Hospital on the Ongoing Study using CLS Products for Neurosurgery inside the MRI Camera

Today Skåne University Hospital (SUS) published a press release with the title “Laser surgery in a magnetic camera – new help for patients with brain tumors”.

The PM provides an insight to the ongoing study using CLS products for laser surgery inside a MRI camera. The hospital writes that doctors now can treat patients with hard-to-reach brain tumors that medical care was previously unable to help. So far two patients with brain tumors have been successfully treated as part of the study.

The text below provides a summary in English of the press release from SUS.

We have been planning for this technology for several years and I am very happy that we now can treat patients with hard-to-reach brain tumors. In the past, we have not been able to do more for these patients because traditional surgery entailed too great of risks”, says Peter Siesjö, senior physician in neurosurgery, associate professor at Lund University and principal investigator of the study.

The patients included in the study all suffered from glioblastoma, which is the most common and most aggressive form of brain tumor.

There are great advantages to this technology. Firstly, we can now treat patients that we were previously unable to help, and secondly, it is more gentle, which means that the risk of infections is reduced and that the recovery is faster”, continues Peter Siesjö.

The procedure is performed while the patient is positioned in a magnetic camera so that the doctors can continuously follow the procedure in real time.

The method is safer to the patient because we enter the brain through a very small hole. We can then insert the laser applicator into the tumor and thus minimize damage to the surrounding tissue”, explains Peter Siesjö.

Another advantage is that the staff does not have to transport the patient between the operating theater and the radiology department to check the position of the laser applicator.

Read the full press release here (in Swedish).

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