The CLS Americas team at AVANT Concierge Urology clinic. Left to right: Joel Hix, Director of Clinical Operations; Rick Wilderotter, Director of Business Development; Dr. Sijo Parekattil, Director of AVANT Concierge Urology, and Michael Magnani, President.

Interview with CLS's Director of Clinical Operations - Joel Hix

We are happy to introduce Joel Hix, Director of Clinical Operations at CLS Americas. Joel has over 15 years of senior management experience in operations, sales, marketing, and service with leading medical device manufacturers including Boston Scientific and Healthtronics.

Joel has shared his journey with CLS. Let’s hear what he said. 

How did you come to join CLS?  

CLS offered me the opportunity to work for an emerging medical device company in the field of prostate cancer that treats cancer and preserves function. From a personal perspective and with my experience in the urology market, I understand men’s desire to treat their cancer with minimal risk of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. I believe in the idea that patients should be able to have peace of mind and maintain their quality of life. The other exciting reason was the opportunity to contribute ideas and the development of new clinical and marketing initiatives, as well as to implement quality solutions that support CLS, doctors and their patients. I also felt that the CLS culture would be great to work in and would offer many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. And I was right!  

What does your role as a Director of Clinical Operations involve?  

Being able to work clinically is exciting. I get to be involved in the day-to-day surgical aspects of our treatment modality, train physicians and other healthcare professionals in focal laser ablation with the TRANBERG system and assist in treatments for the best possible patient outcome. Another benefit of working as a Director of Clinical Operations at CLS is the freedom to discover needs in the field and to work with driven and intelligent people for improvement and innovation for everyone involved in our treatments.  

What customer needs can the TRANBERG system meet?  

The TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System offers physicians the opportunity to treat patients suffering from prostate cancer, brain cancer or drug resistant epilepsy with a therapy that can produce effective results with a low risk of complications. Whether in the brain or the prostate, the patient can be given precise and effective cancer treatment while maintaining quality of life. There are so many patients who have undergone more invasive treatments and have said that their quality of life is nowhere near what it was before their cancer diagnosis.  

What is your proudest moment at CLS so far? 

I have to say it was when I booked the first commercial prostate cancer case in the US. It’s really great to see how the hard work that I’ve been doing for almost a year and my colleagues have been doing for several years, goes from academic research to being available to a wider group of prostate cancer patients. Clinical trials are great, but the moment of truth comes when you are on the market and can see how the situation really changes through the number of patients receiving treatment.  

What principles help you to be successful in your work?  

Humility, integrity, tenacity and teamwork. Humility and integrity are important principles for those who want to be continuously successful. By being quality conscious, you can find and spot things to improve and introduce changes to fill the gaps. Working in a relatively small company like CLS means that a person needs to wear many hats, so it is important to be persistent and follow up on targets and tasks. There are always several projects going on that require follow-up and enforcement at different levels. Finally, working in a team with great people helps me to see things from different angles and not only find ways to improve myself but also to improve CLS. I am fortunate to be surrounded by the team I work with and couldn’t do without the leadership and culture they have built.  

What do you do when you are not working?  

My free time is spent with my family, at the gym and on the tennis court. I have a wonderful wife and a great son who I want to spend as much time with as possible when I’m at home. Physical activity is important to me not only to look good but also for the physical and mental benefits it provides. I enjoy playing tennis, not only because it keeps me active and fit, but because there is a technical aspect to the sport that stimulates my mind and drive to improve. The best time for me is on the court with my teenage son and my wife. 

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