Listen to a patient story: His brain tumor was removed with laser – at home after two days

This weekend the local TV news send an interview with one of the patients treated in the ongoing CLS-sponsored study at Skåne University Hospital, in Lund, Sweden. A hard-to-reach brain tumor was removed and already two days after the operation, the patient was able to go home.

The story of this patient is that just over two years ago, he first underwent traditional surgery, in which the skull bone was opened. In January this year, he suffered a cancer relapse when a new brain tumour was discovered.

This time the opportunity to participate in a new study in Lund appeared and he became the third patient in Europe to remove the brain tumor with CLS´s laser equipment. Through a small hole in the skull bone, the entire operation was carried out inside an MRI scanner.

Two days later, the patient was able to leave the hospital without any noticeable sequelae.

Via the link below you can hear the patient talking about the cancer, and the procedure, when SVT Nyheter Skåne visits him five days after the operation.


The interview is in Swedish, an English translation is available here.

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