imILT® was developed to kill solid cancer tumors while stimulating an immunological defense against any remaining tumor cells, even those that are outside, or distant from, the treated area.

An optical laser fiber is inserted into the tumor. Laser light is then used to heat the tumor, in a gentle and controlled way, causing a process where the tumor then dies within a few days and antigens start leaking out of the tumor cells. The antigens activate the body's immune system, which then also attacks other tumors and metastases in the body.

This immunological effect is generated by treating the tumor with a temperature that is so low that the tumor's antigenic proteins are preserved. These proteins come into contact with the immune system and stimulate an immunological defense against tumor disease. The method can be used for both curative and palliative treatment. Curative treatment aims to cure the patient of cancer.

Focal Laser Ablation (FLA)
An evaluation of CLS’ products for treatment with Focal Laser Ablation (FLA) is initiated in the beginning of 2017.

Image-guided FLA is a method primarily used today for treatment of early localized prostate cancer (PCA). While imILT® is aimed at activating the immune system, FLA is intended to kill the parent tumor, which is done by using a higher temperature and shorter treatment time compared to imILT®. The treatment is performed by a urologist or an interventional radiologist using MRI or CT images and ultrasound.


imILT - Scientific background

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