Business model
Company revenues are primarily generated through the sale of disposable kits used during each treatment procedure. Long-term, revenues may also come from sales of TRANBERG® | Mobile Laser Units and technical service. The price for the disposable kit is coupled to the health economic value of the imILT®protocol/LITT treatment. The disposable kits are therefore positioned as premium products, offering substantial benefit to healthcare providers in the treatment of solid cancer tumors. Our targeted customers are hospitals involved in multidisciplinary cancer treatment.

Clinical studies
Today CLS focuses a large part of its efforts on clinical evaluation of imILT® and the TRANBERG® | Tranberg Thermal Therapy System. Given our regulatory approval, our technology can be used in a range of solid malignant tumors, with the exeption of those located in hollow organs. Investigating the clinical outcome of imILT® is the goal for our clinical studies which is carried out in cooperation with European KOLs. imILT® treatment in the clinical studies included cancer in: breast, liver and pancreas.

CLS’ products, primarily the single-use instruments, are in clinical use for treatment with FLA/LITT and evaluated in an ongoing clinical study regarding treatment of early stage prostate cancer at Toronto University Hospital.

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