imILT®protocol has been developed for treatment of solid cancer tumors in a range of indications; the potential market is therefore considerable. Indications for which treatment with imILT® is suitable include breast, liver and pancreas tumors. Globally, it is estimated that over 6 million patients could potentially benefit from treatment with imILT® per year.

The user groups that CLS focuses on for this product include medical specialists in surgical oncology and oncologic interventional radiology at both publicly financed and private cancer treatment centers around the world. The market also includes important groups such as other specialists involved in the decision-making process for the individual cancer patient’s treatment plan.

For patients, procedures with the imILT® protocol can potenially provide an additional medical benefit since the treatment may produce immunity against the treated form of cancer.


Image guided FLA, or LITT (laser interstitiell thermo therapy) which is a wider term for the treatment principle, is a method primarily used today for treatment of early localized prostate cancer (PCA). While imILT® is aimed at activating the immune system, LITT is intended to kill the target tumor. The treatment is performed by a urologist or an interventional radiologist using MRI or CT images and ultrasound. LITT fills the gap between surgery and active monitoring of the disease. At this point, patients usually pay for the cost of treatment, which is under continuous development, themselves. There are ongoing clinical studies in the segment.

Evaluation starts 2017
CLS opens the door to further treatment options in interventional radiology, and initiates evaluation of the company’s products for focal laser ablation (FLA). CLS will therefore evaluate market potential for FLA, as well as the company's products and technology.

The first tests were performed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in the United States and was followed by a clinical investigation at TGH, with the objective of then introducing CLS's single-use materials more broadly to interventional radiologists and urologists for the treatment of early neoplastic disease of the prostate. Every year 400,000 cases of prostate cancer suitable for FLA are reported in Europe and the United States, and the total market is estimated at one billion euros.

It is primarily in the treatment of early neoplastic disease that CLS sees potential for the company’s products to improve FLA treatment. This market provides the company with new opportunities as well as extended commercial interfaces for continued studies and establishment of imILT®.


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