Questions and answers

How will CLS communicate its clinical studies?
CLS will communicate:
– Approval by the Ethical Review Board
– Study start – the clinic has started to recruit patients (screening)
– Treatment start – first patient in the study treated
– Results of study – when the study is completed and the analysis of the results is ready, CLS will, in cooperation with the principal investigator, communicate the outcome of the study.

Will CLS's studies be presented at Clinical Trials (
All CLS’s studies will be registered at Clinical Trials when the first patient in each study is treated. You will also find information about study design etc at Clinical Trials.

How will I know when the clinics start treating patients with imILT®?
We will announce when a study has started.

Will you be able to announce the names of the clinics participating the Study Program, and of the Key Opinion Leaders, once the Program has started?
The goal is to be able to announce the names of the clinics, but this has to be discussed and approved by each clinic involved.

Will CLS get any revenue from the clinics in the Clinical Study Program?
No, CLS will not get any revenue from the clinics during the Study Program. However, provided the program is successful, we will get Key Opinion Leaders that actively participate in the launch and marketing of imILT®, by publishing the results of the study, speak at symposiums etc.

What types of cancer will be treated under the Program?
The program will cover cancer in breast, skin and prostate.



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