CLS Americas at Focal Therapy Society FTS 2023

The Focal Therapy Society aims to advance and position minimally invasive treatments and image-targeted cancer treatment in a safe and effective gland-preserving manner to extend and maintain one’s quality of life.

Our research partner, Dr Fernando Bianco, University Research Network, presented the latest data on our CLS TRANBERG laser ablation study for prostate cancer.

Another CLS partner, Dr John Feller of HALO Diagnostics, presented impressive long term data on the efficacy and safety of Focal Laser Ablation.

Dr Stephen Scionti, Prostate Cancer Director @ HALO Diagnostics presented on CLS TRANBERG system and the benefits of in-office Focal Laser Ablation.

Our Director of Clinical Operations, Joel Hix also provided a hands-on demonstration of our CLS TRANBERG system @ FTS.

At the FTS conference, the CLS team engaged with numerous urologists and many academic partners from the US and EU demonstrating our TRANBERG Thermal Therapy system and its minimally invasive approach to treating prostate tissue. 

We also shared our new MSP Mobile Service Provider platform for the CLS TRANBERG system, now available to customers in the US.

On behalf of the CLS FTS 2023 team, thank you to everyone for stopping by.  It was my pleasure to meet you.  

Feel free to contact us regarding the CLS TRANBERG system and how Focal Laser Ablation can be beneficial for your patients and your practice. 


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17 November, 2023

Customer Experience AVANT Concierge Urology

Learn about our progress within the Mobile Service Provider Model enabling more clinics to treat prostate cancer patients.

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7 November, 2023

Podcast Episode with Insight from the US Market

Listen to a podcast episode with Michael Magnani, President of CLS Americas and Dr Garrett D. Pohlman, urologist at Kearney and the host of the Prostate Health Podcast. They had an engaging discussion around the key features and benefits of using the TRANBERG system for the treatment of low to intermediate localized prostate cancer.

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1 August, 2023

Interview with CLS's Director of Clinical Operations - Joel Hix

We are happy to introduce Joel Hix, Director of Clinical Operations at CLS Americas. Joel has over 15 years of senior management experience in operations, sales, marketing, and service with leading medical device manufacturers including Boston Scientific and Healthtronics.

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