Demonstration of Targeted Focal Therapy with Fusion-Guided Laser Ablation by Dr. Fernando J. Bianco

Watch Dr. Fernando J. Bianco demonstrate the TRANBERG™ Thermal Therapy System for targeted MRI/US Fusion-Guided Focal Laser Ablation in the video below.

In the video, Dr. Bianco is using a phantom ultrasound simulator with the TRANBERG system, together with the Focalyx® Fusion device, to demonstrate how to place the TRANBERG laser applicator into the target area of a prostate lesion before treatment and ablation. When using the system in an office setting, the ablation treatment typically takes about 15 minutes, with an overall complete procedure time of under two hours.

Dr. Bianco is Investigator In-Chief for the Urological Research Network, a Florida-based, not-for-profit clinical research organization. He is currently conducting a Phase I clinical study using the TRANBERG and Focalyx systems titled, “Targeted MRI/US Fusion Transperineal Laser Ablation of Low-to-Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer.”

Dr. Bianco is widely recognized as a pioneer and innovative urologic oncologist using fusion targeted focal therapies in the office setting under local anesthesia. He began his comprehensive MRI/US, Transperineal Fusion program in 2013. 

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