For CLS it has been an intense start to the year with many positive news, and achievements of important milestones. In this year´s first newsletter, we summarize what has been happening with a focus on actions to further protect and future proof our core technology, an update on market expansion, and last but not least new company presentations providing insights into our future directions.  

If you missed our Christmas newsletter summarizing 2023 it is still available here.

Milestones to Future Proof CLS´s Core Technology

We recently announced that CLS has signed a new agreement with our supplier IGT (Image Guided Therapy) SA which means that CLS will acquire all rights to IGT’s technology for MRI-based temperature measurement and control of laser-based tissue ablation.

Read more here.

To further protect another part of our core technology, i.e. the non-cooled laser applicators, a new patent application has been filed. Based on new knowledge from our clinical activities in the US and at Skåne University Hospital, the CLS non-cooled laser applicator has been improved through new inventions that we believe are patentable.

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The clinical benefits of the technology used in CLS´s laser applicators were highlighted in a recent webinar, see below under the heading Brain Lesions.

Market Expansion – Singapore and Asia-Pacific

In mid-January we reached another key milestone with the market approval for the entire TRANBERG® product portfolio in Singapore. The approval is fundamental in CLS´s global expansion and following the upcoming limited market release at selected medical centers across Singapore, wider commercialization in the Asia-Pacific region is planned.

More information here.

Prostate Cancer Treatment – Telesurgery & Testimonials

To introduce the TRANBERG system to urologists in Singapore our first telesurgery procedure was performed at AVANT in the US. 

Dr Sijo Parekattil at AVANT, and a couple of his patients being treated with the TRANBERG system, talk about their experiences in this video. 

Brain Lesions

New Orders from ClearPoint Neuro

The year began with an order from ClearPoint Neuro as part of the ongoing limited market release in North America. The total value, together with an order we received in December 2023, is approximately SEK 10.5 million.

Read more here. 

Webinar on Next Generation LITT

To learn more about the ClearPoint Prism® Neuro Laser Therapy System in clinical practice, you can now listen to an on-demand webinar with Dr M Richardson discussing his initial experiences with the system. 

Left: Webinar link, Dr Mark Richardson. Right: Busy days at our headquarters in Lund where the PRISM laser units are thoroughly checked before shipping. 

Corporate News and Strategy Update

Welcome to watch and read the following new presentations and articles to learn more about CLS:

  • Business Update – presented on 17 January by our CEO Dan J. Mogren and VP Medical Affairs Kristian Waldeck (link below).
  • Fight Cancer day – presentation on 24 January by CEO Dan J. Mogren (link below) 
  • Article on Biostock (in Swedish) CLS – Ett alternativ till öppen kirurgi för cancerpatienter .
  • Documents and information related to the warrants of series TO 6 B are available here.

We thank all our shareholders, collaboration partners, clinicians & patients for a great start of 2024!

With warm regards,

The CLS Team

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