How CLS supports the fight against prostate cancer

 Insight from the US market

As an innovative medical device company, CLS provides laser-based tools used in health-care to remove diseased tissue, such as prostate tumors. Our therapy is called focal laser ablation (FLA) and can be done as an outpatient minimally invasive procedure without the need for open surgery. The aim is to selectively target the tumor and preserve the surrounding healthy tissues.

In 2023 we have taken significant steps forward in the US market where our US team at CLS Americas has made great progress.

Just a couple of weeks ago CLS Americas signed a Mobile Service Provider (MSP) Agreement with  Kearney Urology Center PC of Kearny, NE (Nebraska). The MSP model is common in the US and it gives the clinics an opportunity to test and evaluate FLA using our FDA 510(k) cleared TRANBERG™ Thermal Therapy System before investing in capital equipment. For a fixed fee per patient CLS brings the laser system, along with accessories and disposables, to the clinic and provides on-site technical and clinical support by our Clinical Applications Specialists during the procedures.

This is a win-win service where the clinics can get experience and evaluate our products before investing in capital equipment, and at the same time more prostate cancer patients can be offered FLA using the TRANBERG system.

Kearney Urology Center is an emerging provider of advanced urological treatments and an early adopter of promising new medical devices and treatments. Michael Magnani, President of CLS Americas, met with Dr Garrett D. Pohlman, urologist at Kearney and the host of the Prostate Health Podcast. They had an engaging discussion around the key features and benefits of using the TRANBERG system for the treatment of low to intermediate localized prostate cancer.

You can listen to the full podcast episode on Spotify via the link below:

  • How the MSP model works in the US and how CLS can support clinics to get started.
  • Benefits of focal therapy in general, and specific features of laser as the energy source.
  • How our temperature monitoring system can be used for both optimization of the treatment and at the same time for protection of sensitive structures.

Read more on the Prostate Health Podcast webpage here.

Stay tuned to learn more from AVANT Concierge Urology and their experiences in treating patients with low to intermediate localized prostate cancer patients using the MSP model!

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