CLS at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit

Today, 9th of June, our CEO Dan J. Mogren presented CLS at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit. The presentation covers the rationale and strengths of CLS product portfolio, our market segments and their huge potential, and provides some insights to what the future holds for CLS.

Welcome to watch the full event here:

BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2022 | CLS – YouTube >>

Market segments

CLS is a medtech company that develops and sells tools for minimally invasive treatment based on image-guided laser ablation, with focus on:

  • Urology – Localized prostate cancer
  • Neurosurgery – Glioblastoma & Drug resistant epilepsy
  • Oncology – Metastatic cancer

So far more than 250 treatments have been completed with the first generation TRANBERG® products. The second generation of TRANBERG® brings new features to control and monitor the treatment and is now undergoing investigator-initiated clinical studies in Europe and the USA.

Key topics of the presentation

  • CLS provides minimal invasive treatment options for severe diseases with important unmet medical need
  • Our products are compatible and easily integrated with existing hospital systems for treatment precision and effect
  • There is a significant and immediate market potential for laser ablation of localized prostate cancer, brain tumors, and epilepsy
  • We have now entered pre-launch phase, a number of clinical trials are ongoing and being initiated, focusing on the priority areas.
  • Global market organization with local sales operations in Germany, the USA, and Singapore
  • Distributor and collaboration partners in the USA and Europe

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